Settings Overview

The Settings Menu lets you view and manage your overall ViewPoint Web setting preferences. The Settings Menu includes Basic Directory Information, Audio Device settings, and access Advanced Settings menus.

To Open Settings:

  1. Click your Avatar in the Top Bar.
  2. The Settings Menu opens:

  3. Click "x" or another part of the ViewPoint Web window to close the Settings Menu.

Basic Directory Information:

This section includes your Name, Default extension, Avatar, and Personal Status information. 

You can edit your Personal Status here. 

Your name, default extension, and additional directory entries are set up for you by your ViewPoint Web administrator and cannot be edited in ViewPoint Web. 

Audio Device Settings:

This section lets you select your choice of audio device. See the Audio Device article for details.


Advanced Settings:

Click a link to manage Groups, Call Forwarding, Audio and Video Settings and Vertical Meetings cross linking. It also provides a link if you want to Report a Problem with ViewPoint Web,

Click to quickly link to the ViewPoint Web Knowledge Base.

Log Out:
Click to open up a window where you have the option to log out of this session of ViewPoint Web. You only need to do this if using VPW on a shared computer.