Configure the Network to Support OpenVPN Server

  1. Configure the network router to forward port 1194 to port 1194 on the OpenVPN server. 
    NOTE: It is possible to use a different public port than 1194. Just make sure that the port forward on the router still points to 1194 on the Open Server side. 
  2. Make sure to record the public IP address on the other side of the router to use later (if using a custom port, record that as well).
  3. Your network must be configured to make the OpenVPN server the destination gateway for all traffic directed to the VPN phones from the rest of the network. A route statement entered on the network gateway is the simplest way to accomplish this.

    For example, in a network where the default gateway is, the Wave Server is, and the VPN server has been assigned a local IP address of, you would add a route statement similar to the following to the gateway:

    IP Route