Initially Configure an Edge 9800 IP phone.

Set Up the User to Use the 9800 Phone

  1. Set the telephone type to the appropriate model.

  2. Set the Associated Device field to IP Phone MAC Address.

  3. Next, identify the phones by either: 
    1. Enter the MAC address for the specific phone assigned to this user or
    2. Check the Log in to Device box to allow assigning the user to any given phone of that type.


Configure the 9800 Phone 

  1. The preferred method for configuring phones is to set the network DHCP server to point towards the Wave as its' configuration server.
    1. Add in Option 150 to the DHCP Server. 
    2. Plug the phone in to a POE network switch (it is possible to use an external power supply as well. This would be ordered separately).
    3. The phone will boot and connect to the Wave. It will get the phone's configuration.
  2. If it's not possible to set a configuration server, it is possible to manually configure the phones.
    1. Find the IP address of the phone (see Find the IP Address of a 9800 Series Phone).
    2. Log in to the phone (Log in to Edge IP 9800 series phone).

    3. Click on Provisioning underneath the Phone Config section.

    4. Enter the Wave IP address in the TFTP Server>Address field.

    5. Press Save.

    6. Reboot the phone.