Custom Configuration Files for Edge IP 9800 Series Phones

Most settings for IP phones can be configured through Global Administrator, however some cannot. To apply these setting to Edge IP 9800 phones, you use custom XML files.

For example, Edge IP 9840C phones allow custom images to be used on the phone's display. You cannot specify the graphic file to use as the background image in Global Administrator, but you can do so in a custom XML file that you create.

The phone doesn't read the custom XML file directly—the next time that the phone's configuration file is rewritten (because the Wave restarts or the phone's configuration is modified in User/Group Management), the custom XML file is copied to the phone's configuration file and sent to the phone.

NOTE: Do not change the contents of the existing configuration file for a given phone or phone type, because when the file is rewritten Wave will overwrite the changes to ensure consistent phone performance. Always create a separate file with _custom added to the file name. For example, when Wave rewrites the configuration file sysconf_9x40C_sip.xml, it automatically looks for the corresponding custom XML file sysconf_9x40C_sip_custom.xml.

  1. To set custom settings, create a custom XML file. This can be done using Notepad (found on every Widows PC). 
  2. For Edge 9800 phones you can create a custom XML file for all phones of a certain type (for example, all 9840C phones). To do so, save the file with the appropriate file name:
    • For 9820 phones: sysconf_9x20_sip_custom.xml
    • For 9830 phones: sysconf_9x30_sip_custom.xml
    • For 9840C phones: sysconf_9x40C_sip_custom.xml
  3. You can also specify settings for individual phones. 9800 series phones either have an extension or a MAC address file, depending on whether the phone is using the "Log in to Device" option in User/Group Management. If this feature is in place, then the phone's custom XML file uses the extension in the filename. Otherwise, if a MAC address was entered, the phone's custom XML file uses the MAC address as the filename. To create custom XML files for specific phones, use one of the following formats:
    • For "Log in to device" phones: 1403_custom.xml (where the extension is x1403).
    • For phones with MAC address specified: b061c705b248_custom.xml (where the phone has a MAC address of b061c705b248).
  4. Log in to Windows Explorer (see Transfer files to and from Wave IP).
  5. Copy the custom XML file and paste into the VIP folder in \C$\Inetpub\wwwroot\VIP.
  6. Trigger Wave to recognize the changed files and send the updated configuration information to the affected phones. This can be done in one of two ways:
    1. Restart Wave. This will take the system out of service, but is the simplest way if a large number of custom files were edited.
    2. If you just need to adjust a single phone or make changes during operating hours, make a change to the user's settings in Global Administrator (see Login to User/Group Management). This causes Wave to update the user's settings including integrating the custom background image change.