Outbound Trunking Quick-Start

When setting up a new system there are a few key steps that must be accomplished.

  1. Choose the exterior dialing access code. Both 8 and 9 are configured. 8 is the preferred choice. Disable the first digit not being used (see Selecting the External Dial First Digit).
  2. Set the Home Area Code in the First-Digit Table.
  3. Set up your trunks. (see Setting Up Trunks).
  4. Modify the "Voice Analog" routing table to point to the new trunks you have set up in Step #3. Rename the Routing Table to reflect the new trunk names. (For help configuring Routing tables see Configure Outbound Routing Tables).
    NOTE: Changing the Voice Analog routing table in any access profile should update all existing access profiles. They all use Voice Analog by default. This includes System Ports and the 911 routing.
  5. Make sure System Ports access profile is set to use a valid routing table (should be taken care of if you changed Voice Analog in #4).
  6. Make sure that the Emergency Number routing is pointed to a valid routing table (should be taken care of if you changed Voice Analog in #4).