Install Recording Archive Service (RAS) START HERE

The Recording Archive Service (RAS) is used to off-load call recordings from the Wave IP (see Recording Archive Service (RAS) Overview).

  1. Review all requirements (See Recording Archive Service (RAS) Requirements).
  2. Identify and set up the RAS PC.
  3. Choose or create the install User Account.
  4. Create the Archive folder (see Create a shared network folder). Set security appropriately for the users who will access the folder (this includes the installation User Account).
  5. Log on to the RAS PC with the install User Account.
  6. Make sure the User Account is authorized to log on as a Service (see Set 'Log on as a Service').
  7. Verify the User Account has access to the Buffer folder on the Wave IP (see Set permission to Wave IP Buffer folder).
  8. Install Microsoft SQL Server on the RAS PC or use existing SQL installation (see Install SQL Server). Make sure to record the SA password set during install.
  9. Add a firewall exception to allow access to the Archive Service from remote systems (see Add Firewall Exception for SQL).
  10. Run the RAS Installer (see Running the RAS Installer).
  11. Configure the Recording Archive Manager (see Initially configure the Recording Archive Manager).
  12. Install Archive Recording Browser (see Install Archive Recording Browser).
  13. Finish by doing an Initial Login to the Archive Recording Browser and setting up users (see Initial login to Archive Recording Browser (ARB)).