Configure Phone Support for Business Continuity Service (BCS)

In order for users' phones to operate correctly when failover to the secondary Wave has taken place, each phone must be configured in one of the following ways:

  • If you are using DHCP, set up the network DHCP server to use Option 150 to specify the primary and secondary server IP addresses as configuration servers. Option 150 allows you to specify multiple configuration servers that are tried when the phone boots up.
    The advantage to this method is that you set up DHCP once and all subsequent phones will work automatically upon failover to the secondary Wave.
  • If you are not using DHCP, specify the backup TFTP server in the phone’s settings. With this option, you must change every phone manually.
    To do so, log on to the phone's web console and add a second entry to the TFTP Server Address field. The syntax for the entry is: “<PRIMARY TFTP IP>;<SECONDARY TFTP IP>” where <PRIMARY TFTP IP> is the IP address of the primary Wave’s VAM and <SECONDARY TFTP IP> is theIP address of the secondary Wave’s VAM, as shown in the following illustration:

You can also specify this information via each phone’s config file.