Login to OpenVPN Server

There are three possibilities: Custom, Applications Server, Vertical OpenVPN Image

  1. Using a custom OpenVPN Server  will require using the login procedure for that device. 
    NOTE: This option refers to a 3rd-party hardware or software server, not just the standard Vertical OpenVPN image operating in Custom Deployment.
  2. When using the standard applications server provided by Vertical Direct use this process:
    1. Log in to the application server using the credentials provided. This can either be directly using monitor, keyboard, and mouse; or via Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).
    2. Click on the VMWorkstation icon in the Start Bar.

    3. Click File and then Open in the program.

    4. Select the OpenVPN file and click Open.

  3. When using the Vertical-provided OpenVPN Server image use this process: 
    1. Launch the vSphere management client.
    2. In the vSphere Client, right-click the OpenVPN Server virtual machine, and then choose
      Open Console. This will make it possible to login to the Virtual Machine.

    3. If the virtual machine is not running, then right-click the OpenVPN Server virtual machine, and then choose Power > Power On to start the system.

  4. Whether using the application server or the standard OpenVPN image, the next step is the same.
    1. In the console window, double-click on the openVPN user to logon.

    2. If this is the first time logging on, enter the Vertical default password, Vertical4VoIP!. and then click Log In.