Configure Vertical OpenVPN: Off-Wave

  1. The first step is to configure the OpenVPN Server with an IP address. with the Off-Wave configuration mode, this will be the only step that requires logging on to the OpenVPN server. See Set OpenVPN Server IP Address.
  2. Next, set up the network (see Configure the Network to Support OpenVPN Server).
  3. Login to Global Administrator (see Login to Wave IP Global Administrator).

  4. Click on IP Telephony.

  5. Click on VPN Settings.

  6. Click the checkbox: "Enable VPN Support."

  7. Enter the Public IP Address of the network router.

  8. Enter the Public Port. By default, this should be 1194 unless a custom port is being used.

  9. Enter the local IP address of the OpenVPN server into the Maintenance IP Address field.

  10. Click Apply to enable VPN support. The WaveIP will attempt to connect to the OpenVPN server using the Maintenance IP Address. It will then configure the OpenVPN server to work with it. 

  11. If this configuration works, the server icon will show a green checkbox to indicate the connection was made and configuration accomplished. However, it's best to check for the issue documented in OpenVPN Does Not Fully Configure From Wave IP In Off Wave mode before proceeding.