Certified Third Party IP phone is not receiving System Page, *11


On a Wave system, Certified Third Party IP phones, e.g. Polycom VVX models, are not receiving a system-wide page, *11.  They are however able to be paged when placed in an individual page zone.


This issue has been observed when an existing user has their telephone type changed from one that supports and had multicast enabled, e.g. Edge 5000i gigibit or 9800 series phones to one that does not support this feature, e.g. Polycom VVX.


IMPORTANT:  Document both the current 'Telephone type', any station feature customization, i.e. applied telephone template or custom button configuration before making these changes so they can be reapplied manually afterwards.

  1. Edit the user to select a 'Telephone type' that supports multicast.  E.g. IP Edge 9830.

  1. Under Phone, uncheck the 'Allow multicast messages to be sent to this phone.'

  1. Click OK to accept these changes.  The phone WILL reboot.
  2. Edit the user again.  Reset the 'Telephone Type' back to the user's original type and apply the appropriate telephone template and / or button customizations as required.    Click OK when done.

NOTE:  If this step is completed before the phone registers, it will remain online; else it may need to reboot a second time to pickup the new configuration changes.