Set OpenVPN Server IP Address

  1. Login to the OpenVPN Server (see Login to OpenVPN Server).

  2. From the desktop, click System > Preferences > Network Connections.

  3. On the Wired tab, click Add. If a network connection is already displayed, click Edit

  4. In the Editing dialog, click the IPv4 Settings tab and make the following changes:
    1. Select Manual from the Method drop-down list.
      NOTE: Do not leave the default Automatic (DHCP) as with this setting, a
      network address reassignment would cause all VPN phones to stop working.

    2. In the Addresses section, you provide information for the OpenVPN server to
      operate on the same subnet as the Wave Server.
    3. Click Add to add a static address.
    4. Enter the static IP Address that will be used for the VPN server on your
      network. Make a note of this IP address for later use.
    5. Enter the Netmask for the network the VPN server will reside on.
    6. Enter the default Gateway for this network.
    7. Enter your own DNS servers for this network, separated by commas.
    8. Click Routes to enter static routes only if necessary.
    9. Click Apply to save your changes.