Using the verbal account code prompt instead of a beep

By default, the prompt for a user to enter an account code prompt is a single beep. Optionally, you can use an alternate verbal account code prompt  that may work better for your users. The alternate verbal prompt included in Wave says, “Please enter an account code.”

Important!  If you perform the following steps to use the verbal account code prompt instead of the beep, you must repeat the steps after upgrading Wave, because the upgrade process reinstalls the original beep prompt.

  1. Find the file that contains the beep prompt, AccountCodePrompt.wav, in the user directory. The default location is C:\Program Files\Artisoft\TeleVantage Server\VFiles\user\AccountCodePrompt.wav.
  2. Rename the file, for example to AccountCodePrompt.wav.beep.

The verbal prompt will now be played instead of the beep when a user is prompted to enter an account code. Although this verbal prompt file is also called AccountCodePrompt.wav, it is located in the language directory (not the user directory). The default location for the English-language verbal account code file is:

C:\Program Files\Artisoft\TeleVantage Server\VFiles\EN00\AccountCodePrompt.wav

You can re-record this file, or any other language version, to customize your verbal account code prompt.