Logging In To Global Administrator Results In A Blank Page

Products Affected: Wave 1.0, Wave 1.5, Wave 2.0, Wave 2.5, Wave 3.0, Wave 4.0, Wave 4.5, Wave 5.0


Logging in to Global Administrator (see Login to Wave IP Global Administrator) results in a blank page rather than the login box. No errors or java warnings appear.


User may be logging in using Internet Explorer 64-bit instead of 32-Bit Internet Explorer. Wave Global Administrator only supports 32-bit.


If log in results in a blank page, then it's very likely this problem is the issue. There are several ways to verify this:

  1. Check to see if the Internet Explorer link says, "Internet Explorer 64-bit". (if it doesn't say this, it's not definitive).
  2. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools>About and look at the version. If the words 64-bit version appear after the version number, then this is 64-bit IE.


Use 32-bit Internet Explorer. Find it in the Program Files (x86)>Internet Explorer directory. Find the IExplore.exe file and click on it to launch 32-bit Internet Explorer.