Transfer Files To And From Wave IP

Sometimes it is necessary to copy files to and from a Wave IP. This can be done using Windows Explorer or other tools.

  1. Make sure the Wave IP is correctly configured to operate on the network (see Set IP Network Settings).
  2. On a client PC connected to the same network open Windows Explorer. You can do this either by:
    • Pressing the Windows Key + E
    • Pressing Start and clicking on Computer.
  3. Click in the address bar (where it says Computer).

  4. Type, \\<Wave IP Name>\c$ where <Wave IP> is the hostname of the Wave. The hostname is found in IP Network Settings (seeSet IP Network Settings).

  5. If the Wave is joined to a domain and the client PC is part of the domain, then the location should just open. If one or both is not part of the domain, then a credentials box will pop up. 

  6. Enter Global Administrator credentials into the box to get access. Press OK.
  7. The Explorer window will open. Browse the window to find the file that needs to be copied or find the location to place the file.
  8. CTRL + C to copy files and CTRL + V will work to copy and paste the files.
  9. When finished, close the window.