Initially Configure The Recording Archive Manager

  1. Login to the RAS PC with an administrator account.
  2. Click Start and open the Vertical Recording Archive Service Manager.
  3. A UAC dialog will appear. Click Yes to proceed.

  4. The Recording Archive Manager launches. Click on the Settings button to configure.

  5. The first step is to enter information on the archive folder location (see Create a shared network folder). Click the ... button to set the shared folder location.

  6. Available network PCs are displayed. Click the triangle next to the PC hosting the shared folder and the shared folder name should be displayed. Click on it to select and then choose OK.

  7. The system is set to archive at 3:00 am. Alternate or additional times can be added as needed by entering the time and the clicking Add. Click Remove to eliminate unwanted archive times.

  8. Add the Wave server (or servers) that will use this Recording Archive Service by clicking the  Add button.

  9. Enter the hostname or IP address in the Wave Name field and click OK.

  10. Click OK on the main settings page to apply settings. 
  11. It is recommended to engage the auto-start setting to ensure the Archive Service runs when the PC is rebooted.

  12. Click the X in the top-right to close the Manager.