RingCentral Support for Mitel Phones

Thinking about making the switch to RingCentral's all-in-one cloud platform? Make the transition a little easier by bringing your current Mitel phones with you.

Only certain models and release dates of phones are currently supported. Let Vertical help you qualify your current phones and find out if your Mitel phones and features are supported. We'll even help you get them set up with the correct firmware!


Compatible Phones:

Mitel 6920 Mitel 6930 Mitel 6940

Available Features

  • Incoming and Outgoing Calls
  • Caller ID display
  • Call Hold and Retrieve
  • Mute and Volume Controls
  • Voicemail Receiving and Playback (No Message Waiting Indicator)
  • Call Waiting Feature
  • Transfer: Blind, Attended, and Semi-Attended
  • Local Conference (3-Party)
  • Local Call History and Redial Feature
  • Local Directory/Contacts
  • Call Forwarding Feature (Using Star Codes)
  • Call Park and Retrieve (Using Star Codes)
  • Call Flip (Using Star Codes)
  • Local DND - Requires Configuration of a Softkey Called Do Not Disturb via WebUI
  • Creating Speed Dials (Using Press and Hold Keys)
  • Third-Party USB and Bluetooth Headset Support


To use your Mitel 69xx phone with RingCentral, you must update to the specific SIP Firmware, This firmware requires that your phone has the Date Code 2018 15 or later, Rev B. To check the Date Code, look on the bottom of your phone (this example is from 2016 and not supported):

The phone must be unlocked (using the admin password) to the factory default and be manually configured.

Need More Help?

Still unsure if your phone model or features are supported? No problem! Reach out and we'll help you make sure your phones have all the functionality you need for the transition to RingCentral.