Wave Backup Content

Wave backups contain information on the following:

  • Wave configuration including users , auto-attendants, trunking, hunt groups, paging, user roles, phone templates etc.
  • Wave applications including recording, conference rooms, Viewpoint settings, Contact Center, Wavenet, Fax Manager, IVR apps, BCS, and more
  • Wave licensing information
  • System IP address information
  • Voicemail including call recordings, greetings, voice titles, mailbox information, etc. (unless the option to save voicemail and recordings is unchecked)

Wave backups do not backup the following:

  • Global Administrator users and passwords
  • Date and time settings
  • Disk configuration
  • Domain settings
  • System DSNs used in Call Classifier database connections
  • User Templates
  • Any other files or programs installed on the Wave

Please test the backup/restore process before using it.