Forward 8x8 Voicemails

Your 8x8 Virtual Office phone system allows you to forward or transfer any voicemail message you receive to another extension within your system with a few button pushes.

Transfer voicemails to another extension.

Access your voicemail inbox and follow the instructions below.

  • Access your voicemail:
    • From your own extension: Dial 555 and enter your voicemail password.
    • From another extension in your system: Dial 500, enter your extension number, then enter your voicemail password.
  • Access the voicemail message you wish to forward:
    • Press 1 to listen to new messages.
    • Press 2 to review old messages.
    • Press 3 to review group messages. Note: only if you are a member of a ring group.
  • If necessary, press 2 to skip forward through messages.
  • Press 0 for message options.
  • Press 2 to begin the process of forwarding the message.
  • Enter the extension number you wish to forward the message to, then press #.
  • At the tone, optionally leave an introductory message from yourself to be included with the forwarded message. To finish, press # or simply hang up.
  • The recipient of the forwarded message will be notified that a new voicemail is waiting for them as normal.