Update IODD Recovery drive to extend Wave's C drive during system imaging.

Hard drive partitions on the Wave have historically been limited to a fixed size  regardless of the actual hard disk size, resulting in unused, inaccessible space. Now you can extend disk drive partitions when you image a system.   Depending on the size of the hard drive,  extending the disk partitions can result in substantial increases in available space. 


  1. On your IODD Recovery USB stick, navigate to the \Tools directory.
  2. *IMPORTANT* Make a backup of the autoexec.bat before proceeding any further.
  3. Edit the autoexec.bat.  (While you can use notepad for this, Notepad++ makes things a bit easier.)  Towards the top of the file you will see a line stating the version, similar to the one below…  

set IODDVer=2.2​

  1. *IMPORTANT* If your IODDVer is NOT 2.2, close the autoexec.bat and stop here, the version of that drive is NOT supported to make this change.
  2. If using Notepad++, locate line 203, lines 202 & 203 are posted below to help locate the proper line in notepad.
:: To keep original partition size uncomment the next line...
goto NoExtending

NOTE:   There are other instances   of ‘goto NoExtending’ in this file; do NOT edit any other instance than the one shown above.  

  1. For line 203, edit it by adding two colons, ::, as shown below, to comment it out.  This will allow the IODD recovery drive to allocate the full disk space.​

::goto NoExtending

  1. Save the autoexec.bat file, you are done and can now image the complete drive during system imaging.