Recover Java on Wave to the originally shipped version.

Versions addressed in this article:
  • Wave 6.0
  • Wave 7.0

NOTE: It is possible to recover the Java in earlier releases of Wave; but there are multiple Java components involved & not all of the correct files are present on these releases.  If recovery is needed on these older versions, please contact your Technical Support representative for additional assistance.


When updating Java on the Wave, sometimes the Global Administrator web pages will no longer load.


Ensure the following files are all accounted for before you stop services to provide the shortest downtime possible (for IM services, call processing will not be affected).

Java installer:


  • 6.0 - jre-8u121-windows-i586.exe
  • 7.0 - jre-8u202-windows-i586.exe
Required JAR files:

C:\Program Files\InstantOffice\RemoteAdmin\Lib\Ext – there are 13 files here:

  • activation.jar
  • imap.jar
  • jaxp.jar
  • jgl.jar
  • jtds-1.3.1.jar
  • mail.jar
  • mailapi.jar
  • mdate.jar
  • neva.jar
  • parser.jar
  • sandstone.jar
  • smtp.jar
  • xerces.jar

NOTE:  The JAR files notes in red are NOT present on the Wave ISM_7.0_6336_D.wim image.  They are included in the attached,


It’s best to Disable and then Stop (if running) the following services as they use Java and if they are not stopped, may require a reboot of the system during this process.

  • IMSAdapter – This service provides IM capabilities in ViewPoint Desktop / Mobile.
    • OpenFire service – DO NOT disable; this service is controlled by IMSAdapter, so stopping that should stop this service within about 20 seconds afterwards.
  • VNI Remote Admin – this service is related to the Global Administrator web page and if it’s not running, the page won’t load.
  • VNI SNMP Alarms – this service provides the SNMP alerts pop-up that appears during manual system upgrades.
  1. After confirming files & services are stopped in the Preparation section, uninstall the JRE currently installed. 
  2. Reinstall the JRE that shipped with the Wave.
  3. Copy all the JAR files in the list to the following directory:
    1. Wave 6.0: C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_121\lib\ext
    2. Wave 7.0: C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_202\lib\ext
  4. For completeness, review the Windows PATH to ensure the following is present.  This seems to be more of an issue on Wave 6.0 than on 7.0.
    1. Wave 6.0: C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_121\bin\client
    2. Wave 7.0: C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_202\bin\client
  5. Set the following services to MANUAL and you can then either start them or wait for the ‘VNISelfTestDaemon’ to start them for you. 
    1. IMSAdapter
      1. OpenFire – Do NOT start manually.  Recheck this about 20s after IMSAdapter service is started.
    2. VNI Remote Admin
    3. VNI SNMP Alarms
Additional info:

If any of the services fail to start & remain running after completion of this procedure, contact your Technical Support representative for further review.