Set Music On Hold Files

  1. Log in to Global Administrator (see Login to Wave IP Global Administrator).
  2. Choose General Settings.
  3. Choose the PBX tab.

  4. Select Configure Audio Sources.

  5. Up to 8 music on hold sources can be configured. Each one requires a Resource (see Set Resource Management). In the Configure Audio Sources box there will be an active Song line item for each Resource assigned to Music On Hold.
  6. For each song, click the drop-down box in the File column and select the MOH file to use. Files displayed are those stored on the Wave in the C:\Inetpub\ftproot\Private\Options\Music\ folder.

  7. Type a friendly name in the description field of each song selected. 
  8. Click OK to save the new Songs.

  9. Click Apply at the bottom of the General Settings>PBX tab.
  10. New Music On Hold is now available to be set for use in Users, Auto-Attendants, Queues, etc.