Initial Login To Archive Recording Browser (ARB)

  1. Click Start and click on Vertical Archive Recording Browser.
  2. The login box appears. Enter the name or IP address of the RAS PC in the server field.

  3. Click OK (no password is needed for initial login).
  4. In the ARB, click on Tools and then Manage Archive Users.

  5. Click Edit to add a password to the Archive Admin.

  6. Enter a password for the Archive Admin account and click OK to set.

  7. Click Add to add any additional users who will access recordings. At minimum you need to add a User Name and Password.

  8. A user can be given full Archive Admin privileges which allows administering other users. A user can also be given selective access to only certain Servers and Mailboxes.
  9. Choose OK to finish creating a user.
  10. Choose Okay on the Manager Archive Users screen to save all user changes.

  11. Users should now be ready to use the Archive Recording Browser.