Restoring Wave from Backup

WARNING: Restoring a Wave backup will wipe all previous settings from a system. The restoring system will be out of service for a period of time that could last up to 2-3 hours for very large backup files. Plan accordingly.

Be aware of what Wave backups do and do not contain (see Wave Backups Content).

  1. It is first necessary to copy the backup file to the Wave in the correct location before starting the restore process. The correct location is C:\Inetpub\Ftproot\Private\Iocabfiles on the Wave. Copy the file to this location using a network share (see Access a Wave Network Share). This is also available by FTP at ftp://<SERVER>/Private/iocabfiles (where <SERVER> is the IP address or hostname of the Wave.)
  2. To restore a Wave, first login to Global Administrator (Login to Wave IP Global Administrator).
  3. Choose the System Backup/Restore applet from GA.

  4. Make sure the Restore radio button is selected at the top of the page (Backup is the default).

  5. Choose whether or not to restore Voice Mail and Music On Hold Files. All voicemail and call recordings will be lost if this option is not chosen.
  6. Click on Apply to run the restore.
  7. A dialog will appear warning that current settings will be overwritten. Click Yes to start the restore.

  8. Clock OK to close the Browser.

  9. When complete, the log field will fill up with information and a dialog announcing a reboot will appear. The Global Administrator interface will no longer be responsive.
  10. Watch the Wave's LCD to determine when the reboot is complete.
  11. If the system regularly uses custom User Templates, make sure to restore those separately (see Copy User Templates).