Create A Shared Network Folder

  1. On the PC where the actual network share will reside, open Windows Explorer. Do this using one of these methods:
    • On the keyboard, pressing the Windows Key + E
    • Pressing Start and clicking on Computer.

  2. Navigate to the location chosen for the new folder using the left-hand folder navigation window (the image above is Windows Server 2008. The appearance may change slightly depending on Windows OS, but the left-hand folder navigation bar will still appear.)

  3. Right-click anywhere in the whitespace beneath the files and select New and Folder to create a new folder.

  4. The folder appears. Type the name desired, for example, "RecordingArchive" and press Enter to save it.

  5. To share the folder, right-click on the new folder and choose properties from the menu.

  6. Click on the Sharing tab to create a network share.

  7. Click on the Share button.

  8. Click on the drop-down box and select Everyone.

  9. Click on Add to Add the Everyone group.

  10. Click the Share button.

  11. The Security tab controls permissions to access the share. Click on the Security tab to set permissions on who can access the folder.

  12. Click the Edit button to enter the list of users.

  13. Click the Add button to add a user or group.

  14. Enter the name of the user in the 'Object names' field. This can either be  a user or group on the local Wave IP or an existing user account or group from a domain (requires the Wave IP to already be joined to the domain). The user or group must already exist (to add a user see Add a Global Administrator User). If the object isn't recognized, change the location of the object (from local to domain or vice-versa) to get it to recognize the user or group specified.

  15. Press OK to add the user.
  16. Make sure the User has Full Control checked in the list of Permissions.

  17. Press OK to save the permission changes.

  18. Press Close to exit the properties box.