Set Up Emergency Caller ID

Emergency Caller ID is used when remote users are set up at a different location from the primary Wave. The feature recognizes when calls are made to an Emergency Number (see Emergency Numbers) and sends a different caller ID to the carrier. Many carriers allow routing to a different Public Safety Access Point (PSAP) based on caller ID. This allows a remote location served by a different PSAP to be routed to the correct location and identified correctly. 

Make sure to verify that the carrier supports this before planning to implement. Verify with a test call from the configured phone and ensure that the correct PSAP received the call and has the correct information for the remote location. This feature will not work for some configurations, please review these considerations.

Warning: Vertical takes no responsibility for the handling of emergency calls. Due to the number of variables involved, including specific carrier emergency calling implementations, proceed at your own risk.

To set up Emergency CallerID:

  1. Make sure emergency numbers are configured (see Configure Special Digits). Especially make sure the routing table for the emergency numbers sends calls to a carrier who supports routing via emergency caller ID (See Configure Outbound Routing Tables). 
  2. Login to User/Group Management (see Login to User/Group Management).
  3. Click on Users in the vertical menu. 

  4. Double-click on the user to be updated.

  5. Click on User in the category menu.

  6. Click on External Caller ID under User.

  7. Click the checkbox for Override default caller ID number for emergency calls

  8. Enter the caller ID to be sent for emergency calls (the carrier should provide this information). This number should be unique for each physical location, but does not have to be unique per user.  
  9. Click OK to save the changes.

Unsupported Configurations for Emergency Caller ID Routing

Do not use emergency caller ID:
• If your carrier or ISP does not explicitly support the feature.
• For ViewPoint Mobile users.
• For users who work at multiple physical locations.
• For users who forward their calls to phones at other locations, for example to a home phone after hours and on weekends.
• For users who use a mobile phone 100% of the time in multiple locations—in the office, on the road, at customer locations, after hours at home, and so forth. These users should rely on the mobile phone’s own emergency call routing capabilities and not make emergency calls through the ViewPoint Mobile app.
• If you use cost-based or low-cost routing, because some routing decisions may cause an emergency call to be handled by a carrier that does not understand or support the feature.