New Release: Android ViewPoint Mobile 3.0

Download VPM 3.0 now in the Google Play store.

This is a critical update that supports devices running newer Android releases, with several bug fixes and stability improvements. VPM 3.0 is the only release that is fully supported on mobile devices running Android 9.0 or later. Android 8.0 (and earlier) is no longer supported by Google, however, ViewPoint Mobile 2.4.7 can be used with older devices.

Here are the key updates with ViewPoint Mobile 3.0:

  • Compatibility with devices running Android 11 and 12
  • Support for G729 for low bandwidth environments
  • Resolved a call ring and call answer issue when screen is off or device is in standby
  • Fixed an issue where IM and VM view will occasionally not display any content
  • Several miscellaneous stability improvements

It's very important to note: updating to this version is NOT automatic. Your customers will need to go to Google Play Store to download the new version.

Download VPM 3.0 now in the Google Play store.