My Phone Number Is Coming Up Listed As SPAM On A Phone Carrier

If one of the phone numbers your system uses is being flagged as SPAM when you call another party, the issue lies with the called party's phone provider. Because of recent legislation, the TRACED (Telephone Robocall Abuse Criminal Enforcement and Deterrence) Act, many legitimate businesses are being incorrectly labelled as SPAM. TRACED mandates that telephone carriers must implement robust standards to combat robocalls. The automated reporting and labeling systems can result in your service being tagged as SPAM, Spam Likely, Scam Likely, Telemarketing, etc. in the recipient's caller ID field. 

Vertical can't fix this (it's not under our control), but you can reach out to the carrier of the person you're calling and get the inaccurate label removed. Below is a list of common carriers with the contact info to resolve this issue. 

Caller ID Spam Vendor List

Note: If the provider is not listed above, please click here. Vertical does not have any business relationship with the Free Caller Registry site. This resource is provided without any guarantee as a courtesy to our customers.