Edge 700 24 Button

Description: The 24 button digital phone provides access to a large variety of functions for an operator or executive. The digital phone is a model of simplicity and reliability. Just plug it in to a port and it works.

Connection Type: Digital Phone

Buttons: 24 programmable DESI label buttons and 3 multi-function buttons

Features Supported: All Wave button feature set.

Expansion Console: 24 Button DSS Console

Headset Jack: 2.5mm jack

Screen: 3 lines gray scale backlit LCD

Speakerphone: Full-duplex

Power: Provided by Wave IP. For Wave IP 500, make sure the system has an external power supply installed to power digital phones.

Auto-Answer: Yes

Key Configuration Items: Digital phone plugs directly into a digital card port. Requires a DS2 series digital card.