Default a 9800 Series Phone

A 9800 series phone may need to have all of its' settings erased and the phone returned to the Factory Defaults. This can be done from the phone.

  1. Press the menu button on the front of the phone.

  2. A set of options will appear on the screen, use the 4-way navigation button to navigate to Status.
  3. Click OK.
  4. The second item on the list should be Lock/Unlock Config. Highlight it using the navigation button and then press Okay.
  5. Enter the phone's password (default is 22222) and press OK.
  6. The screen will return to the main menu. Navigate to Status again and press OK.
  7. Highlight the Set to Default option and press OK.
  8. A confirmation menu will confirm the Default. Press the soft-key under the word Yes.
  9. Press the Menu button and the phone will announce it needs a reboot. Press the Yes soft-key to reboot the phone.

NOTE: The phone will now be at the factory default settings. It will attempt to search for LLDP-MED settings,and then DHCP to configure VLAN and IP settings.