Set IP Network Settings

  1. Login to Global Administrator (see Login to Wave IP Global Administrator).
  2. Choose IP Network Settings.

  3. Enter the IP Address, Subnet, and Default Gateway for your network. These are the settings for your VAM.

  4. Repeat this for the ISC and the MRMs. Use the Network Interface box to choose each of them and enter the IP Address, Subnet, and Default Gateway. Make sure to use a unique IP address for each separate item.

  5. Choose the DNS tab and enter DNS information.

  6. Enter a unique Host Name and DNS Domain Name.

  7. Click Done to apply the settings. There will be a a dialog that tells you that you will lose connection to the computer. 
  8. Change the client computer's IP address settings. Make sure and change them to the same network as the Wave.
    NOTE: The physical network setup may need to change at this point. Unplug the Wave from the client PC and move the network cable to the network switch. Plug the PC into the network switch.
  9. Make sure IE Security Settings are correct for the new network (see IE Security Settings).
  10. Enter the new IP address you entered for the VAM in the browser and log back into the Wave.