Add IVR Questions

Questions make up the survey. Build the survey by building questions. 

  1. In the IVR, questions are added to the Message section.

  2. Questions are listed on the left-hand side. Add questions by pressing the green button with the cross.

    Delete unneeded questions using the red X icon.

    The order of questions can be changed using the arrows.
  3. Each question has parts. The Message Prompt is the audio that will be played. Click Build Prompt to construct it (see Build IVR Prompt)
  4. The Actions Menu offers the ability to map actions to any of the buttons on the phone keypad. Map actions to a button using the drop-down box. Actions are:
    1. Collect & Continue- Record the button press with the question for later reporting.
    2. Do Nothing- This button has no response when pressed.
    3. Exit IVR- Leave the IVR.
    4. Transfer to Extension- Transfer to the specified extension. Enter a valid extension on the system.
  5. Add additional questions as needed.