Manual Software Install

If the Wave cannot reach the internet or there's another reason not to use Vertical Updates, it is still possible to use a CAB file to manually update the Wave.
Note: Be sure to read the Release Notes for any software before you manually install it. Unlike Vertical Updates, manual installation does not automatically check for any software dependencies.

  1. Choose a time when it is acceptable for the Wave to be out of service for up to 3 hours (depending on the update).
  2. Login to the Wave (see Login to Wave IP Global Administrator).
  3. Click on Software Upgrade.

  4. Choose Manual Update.

  5. Click Browse to choose the CAB file to install. Pick the right CAB file.

  6. Click Add and Start Upgrade to apply the software.

  7. If you are applying multiple software updates, choose Add instead and continue to use Browse to find other software. On the last update, click Start.
  8. The Wave may reboot twice while applying updates.