Use Vertical Updates

Vertical Updates is used to keep your Wave current with the most up-to-date software. Follow these steps to set up Vertical Updates.

  1. Login to Wave (see Login to Wave IP Global Administrator).
  2. Click on Software Updates.

  3. Start by Enabling Vertical Updates and then enter an e-mail address to receive updates.

  4. Set the preferred schedule for updates. Downloads and installations can be scheduled separately. Click on Change Schedule.

  5. The download schedule can be set to any time range that the bandwidth is available. Software will be pulled down and stored on the Wave.

  6. The install schedule can be set to allow an automatic installation of any new software. This is highly recommended to ensure the Wave stays up-to-date. Set a service window when it is okay to have the Wave out of service to allow the software update.

  7. If this is a new system, then use the Check Now button to get the Wave up-to-date. If Check Now fails to check updates review troubleshooting steps (see Vertical Updates Fails to Check for Updates).

  8. Once the list of updates appears, click Update Now to load the latest software.

  9. It's also possible to use the Schedule Update button to schedule one single update. All currently available updates will be applied in that scheduled window.

  10. Finish actions by clicking the Save button.