Install Archive Recording Browser

  1. On the PC where the actual network share will reside, open Windows Explorer. Do this using one of these methods:
    • On the keyboard, pressing the Windows Key + E
    • Pressing Start and clicking on Computer.
  2. In the Explorer window that appears, enter \\<WAVESERVER>\netsetup in the address bar (wehere <WAVESERVER> is replaced by the Hostname or IP Address of the Wave IP). Press Enter.

  3. The network share from the Wave includes the client setup executable. Double-click on Setup.exe.

  4. Choose language and click OK.

  5. Click Next to start the install wizard.

  6. Accept the License and click Next.

  7. Choose Custom setup and click Next.

  8. Click on the disk icon next to Vertical Archive Recording Browser and choose "This feature will be install on local hard drive." Make sure "Vertical Wave ViewPoint" is also selected. The ARB will not install without ViewPoint. Click Next to proceed.

  9. The install will proceed. When it is finished, the completed page will appear. Click Finish to complete the install.

  10. To test, do an initial logon to the Archive Recording Browser (see Initial login to Archive Recording Browser (ARB)).