Use One-Click Activation of Software Licenses

All licenses need to be activated before the trial period expires. If the Wave has internet access and can access this address, then use one-click activation.

Note: Until licenses are activated, there will be a notification on each GA login informing the expiration date.

  1. Login to Wave. (see Login to Wave IP Global Administrator).
  2. Choose Software Licenses.

  3. Click on the license to be activated. If you need to activate multiple licenses, you can select them by holding down the CTRL key while clicking on additional licenses.
  4. Click the Activate button to get started.

  5. Choose, "This system can access the Activation Server. Activate Online." Click Next.

  6. Fill in the activation information as fully as possible. Registration information is used in the case of any disputes.

  7. Press OK. During activation, the Activate Licenses dialog (with the registration information cleared) is displayed.
  8. Return to the Software Licenses dialog. (The license Status column will not update until you exit and restart the Software Licenses applet.)
  9. Click Done to return to the Global Administrator Management Console.