Install ISC in Wave IP 2500

These instructions cover safely installing the ISC (Integrated Services Card) back in a Wave IP 2500.  This should only be done by a certified Wave technician.
NOTE: The IP 500 does not have a removable ISC. For any ISC problems, the whole IP 500 should be replaced.

  1. Make sure the power is unplugged on the Wave chassis, but keep the chassis grounded.
  2. Hold the ISC by the edges. Line the edge of the board up with the rail guides in the ISC opening and push it in gently. Do not apply any force. The card should stop just outside of being flush with the rest of the box.
  3. Push the black clip on the left-side of the ISC to the right. The ISC should snap flush to the the front of the Wave.
  4. Using a small Phillips screwdriver, screw in the right-side screw on the ISC. Then screw in the left-side screw under the black clip.

  5. Make sure the red power rocker switch on the back of the Wave is turned to the off position.

  6. Plug the power cord in to the box. Flip the power switch back to on.