To understand why OpenVPN server is needed, read OpenVPN Server Overview.

For the requirements prior to installing OpenVPN Server, read OpenVPN Server Requirements.

Configuration Process

  1. The OpenVPN server image provided by Vertical must have a server to run on. There are two options:
    1. Build a VMWare Hypervisor from scratch (see Install OpenVPN Server Virtual Machine (VM)).
    2. Install on an existing Hypervisor implementation.
  2. The next question is which OpenVPN method will be used (see Choosing OpenVPN Server method to help make the choice). 
    1. To configure the Wave IP for Vertical OpenVPN: Off-Wave see Configuring Vertical OpenVPN: Off-Wave.
    2. To configure the Wave IP for OpenVPN: Custom Deployment see the Wave OpenVPN Server Guide for that process.
      NOTE: This is the current guide though it says Wave 4.0. The process has not changed.

  3. Configure VPN phones. Do not configure phones unitl after Step 2 has been accomplished and the Wave and VPN server are already configured.
    1. To configure VPN Phones when using Vertical OpenVPN: Off-Wave see Configure VPN Phones using Wave IP for Vertical OpenVPN: Off-Wave.
    2. To configure VPN Phones when using OpenVPN: Custom Deployment see Configure VPN Phones using Wave IP for OpenVPN: Custom Deployment.
  4. Configure ViewPoint Mobile phones to use the softphone.
  5. Test phones.