Audio Device

You specify the Audio Device that VPW uses to  control the audio and video for your VPW phone calls: 

  • The browser-based softphone built into VPW. This is the default setting and works best for most VPW users. This option uses your computer speakers and microphone, so be sure that you have a headset for best results. (If you specify the VPW softphone, your deskphone will still ring, and you can still answer it, or make calls on your deskphone.  But when you make or answer a call from the VPW screen, it will be using your speaker and microphone instead of the deskphone.)
  • Your primary desk phone
  • Another Wave phone 
  • An external phone number, for example your cell phone 

If you always use the same phone, you'll set this option once. You can also change it as needed, for example to your cell phone when you are on the road, to your desk phone (if you prefer that device) when you arrive in your office each day, or to another Wave phone while you are visiting a branch office, 

To Select an Audio Device:

  1. Click on your Avatar in the Top Bar to open the Settings menu.
  1. Select your Audio Device from the Settings menu:

Note: You can also choose a device or number to forward your calls through the Call Forwarding menu.