Directory Cards

Your ViewPoint Web Directory is comprised of a list of Directory Cards organized into Directory Views.

A Directory Card represents an entry in your directory list that you can use to initiate instant messages, phone and video calls. 

The most common entry in your directory will be fellow Wave Users in your company. Wave User cards are very informative, as they include a user's Name, Avatar, Personal Status and Memo.


Click a Directory Card to see more about your contact. You can then add this contact to Favorites or Groups from the right pane.

You can also right-click an entry in the left pane to quickly add a user to Favorites

In addition to Company Users, there are additional types of directory entries that can be imported into your system from your Administrator and ViewPoint Desktop. Each of these types has their own Directory Card set up, and include:

  • Meet Me Conference Rooms
  • Private Contacts
  • Public Contacts
  • Auto Attendants
  • Queues
  • Hunt Groups