Directory Views

Your ViewPoint Web Directory is comprised of a list Directory Cards organized by Directory Views.

Directory Views sort your directory into lists based on directory entry type.

Available views include:

  • Company Users

All of your company's directory entries including your fellow Wave Users, Multimedia Conference Rooms, and any Auto Attendants, Queues, or Hunt Groups your company is utilizing.

  • Favorites 

A specialized group with its own Directory View. You can add anyone from your directory into your Favorites group by right clicking on their Directory Card.

  • Full Directory 

Your entire directory. This view is what is used when you do a Directory Search.

  • Groups View 

This view allows you to organize your directory by Groups (which you can minimize or expand).

  • Private Contacts & Public Contacts

If you created Private or Public Contacts in ViewPoint Desktop, you can view them here.  (Currently, you cannot create contacts in VPW, so you'll continue to manage them from ViewPoint Desktop for now.)