Tips for getting video calls to work

If you are having problems getting video calls to work, check the following:

  • Is VPW is set up correctly?Verify that Browser (Secondary Softphone) is selected as your audio device in your VPW Avatar settings.
  • Are you using the correct browser?You must use Chrome as your browser when using the VPW softphone to make and receive video calls.
  • Is popup blocking disabled?Disable popup blocking for the domain.
  • Are your computer, camera, microphone, and speakers working?Verify that your computer is equipped with microphone, speakers, and camera, and that they are all working as expected. Important!Make sure your camera is activated/enabled in Windows Settings – some laptops may have the camera disabled for security purposes by default.

If you are experiencing network issues

Your support representative can work with you to determine if a network issue is causing your problems with video calls.

  • Although VPW does not require a VPN connection, there may be some network situations (for example if you are working remotely) where VPN might help. 
  • A firewall or other anti-virus mechanism could prevent your remote computer from doing certain types of communication, including VPW.