Set Up Click to Dial

With Click to Dial and Chrome as your browser, you can simply click on a phone number on a web page to place a call using VPW. (Details)

ViewPoint Web - Click to Dial is a Chrome extension that you download from the Google Play Store.  Important! After downloading, the extension won't work until you have registered as a VPW user with a VCC server.

To set up Click to Dial:

  1. In Chrome, go to: 

  1. Click ADD TO CHROME.
  2. Click Add extension.

  1. When the extension has been added, exit the Google webstore
  2. In Chrome, browse to: chrome://extensions/. 
  3. Find ViewPoint Web - Click to Dial in the list and click Options.

  1. Enter your VCC server domain ( and select the Turn on phone number highlighting checkbox.

  1. Click Save.