Click to Dial a Phone Number on a Web Page

ViewPoint Click to Dial is a Chrome extension that you install from the Google Play Store. (Setup instructions)

With Click to Dial

  • On any web page that you browse to using Chrome, phone numbers on the page will now appear as clickable links. Just click a link to dial the number. Each clickable link is identified by a "V" icon as shown below. (If VPW is not currently running, it will launch when you click a link.)

TIP: If a phone number on a web page is not detected and changed to a clickable link for any reason, select the text and right-click to open the context menu.Then, select ViewPoint Web > Click to call only to place a call to the phone number displayed.

  • Click the ‘ViewPoint Web’ button on the Chrome toolbar to show your VPW window, or launch VPW, if it is not currently running.