Video Calls - Check Your Setup First

Before you start making video calls, verify the following:

Check your computer, camera, microphone, and speakers

Verify that your computer is equipped with the following devices and make sure that they are working as expected:

  • Working microphone and speakers to use VPW to make and receive audio phone calls using the built-in audio softphone.
  • Working camera to use VPW to make and receive video calls using the built-in video softphone. Important! Make sure that your camera is activated/enabled in Windows Settings - some laptops may have the camera disabled by default for security purposes.

Use the correct browser

You must use Chrome as your browser to make and receive video calls using the VPW softphone,  

Disable popup blocking for your domain

If you are blocking pop-ups in your browser, you must disable blocking for your individual domain (e.g.,

Verify that VPW is set up correctly

Select Browser (Secondary Softphone) as your audio device in your VPW settings.