Ways you can use VPW

There are 2 ways to use VPW:

  • Use the built-in VPW softphone to make and receive calls using your browser:
    • Video calls, audio calls, and IMs.
    • You must use Chrome as your browser for video calls.
    • Select Browser (Secondary Softphone) as your Audio Device in your VPW Avatar settings.
  • Use VPW to control your deskphone or other phone to make and receive calls:
    • Audio calls and IMs only – video calls are not supported.
    • Use any supported browser.
    • Select one of the following as your Audio Device in your VPW Avatar settings:
      • My Primary Phone to use your deskphone.
      • Other Station ID and enter the extension of another Wave phone.
      • External Number and enter the number for an external phone.

Changing your Audio Device

If you always work at the same location using the same phone, you can specify your Audio Device setting just once. If you change locations or phones, you can also change your Audio Device as needed, for example if you sometimes work in a different office, use your cell phone when you are on the road, or work from home.