VCC/VPW Overview

ViewPoint Web (VPW) is a web-based Unified Communication (UC) application for office and remote knowledge workers. ViewPoint Web  offers a rich set of UC services spanning voice, video, IM, visual voicemail, conferencing, recording and more. Wave customers now have access to a WEBRTC-based thin client that does not require VPN access, and does not require installs.
ViewPoint Web is powered by Vertical Cloud Connect(VCC) Services and the Vertical Wave IP PBX. VCC services are multi-tenanted and run on Vertical's vAppCenter cloud. End users can access rich UC features by simply connecting to their custom Vertical vAppCenter subdomain. 
Every customer has the flexibility to create their own subdomain on Vertical's vAppCenter cloud. Customers can leverage their existing Wave infrastructure while benefiting from next-generation applications and services from the vAppCenter cloud. The diagram below provides a high-level overview of the deployment architecture. 
Once a user is registered, they can sign in securely without requiring a VPN connection to the Wave. After signing in, a user can access a full set of UC capabilities delivered over the vAppCenter cloud. End users can choose to:
  • Use a web browser for audio & video media streams


  • Use their existing Wave deskphone for media, hot desk or to access any other PSTN line.
If a customer enables their end users to access audio & video media streams over a web browser, an optional software media gateway called Vertical Cloud Connect (VCCG) must also be deployed. VCCG  is a Vmware instance that can be deployed on a standard Vmware ESXi server.