Manage Wave Servers

Select Wave Servers on the Admin Console menu bar to view or manage the Wave servers in your VCC domain.

Add Wave Server

Add a Wave Server by clicking on the Add Wave Server button in the top right.

  • Name: This is a name that you can assign to the server for your own use. Use a name that makes sense to you.
  • VCCG Instance: If you plan to use ViewPoint Web browser softphone feature and have already added a VCCG Instance, select the VCCG instance that is closest to the Wave Server. The VCCG Instance and the Wave Server ideally will be in the same physical location, but at least the two machines must be internally networked. Set to <Unassigned> if the Wave Server is not to support ViewPoint Web browser softphones.

This will create the Wave Server.

Pair Wave Server

The next step is to pair the Wave Server. Pairing a Wave Server allows for VCC to uniquely identify the Wave Server when it connects to VCC. Click Pair under the Actions column.

This creates a pairing code to enter into the Wave's Global Administrator General Settings panel.  Once paired, the Wave Servers page will look similar to:

If you would like to change the name, or the VCCG Instance that the Wave uses, select Edit from the Actions column.

The Wave Server can also be unpaired or deleted. Unpairing a Wave Server will retain any WaveUser-to-User linking, while deleting a Wave will destroy all existing links.