Manage User Groups

User Groups define a set of applications and features. Users are assigned to one or more user groups. Your VCC domain was created with a couple of user groups. These may be sufficient for your uses, or you can create more or modify existing ones.

Select User Groups on the Admin Console menu bar to view or manage the User Groups in your VCC domain.

Add User Group (or Edit)

Add a User Group by clicking on the Add User Group button in the top right. To edit an existing User Group, click Edit in the Actions column.

  • Name: This is a name that you can assign to the user group for your own use. Use a name that makes sense to you.
  • RegistrationLink: Create a registration link if you would like to provide a link to users to be able to register themselves instead of the administrator creating each account individually. (CAUTION: Anyone with this link will be able to create an account). When the user registers their account using this registration link, they will automatically be assigned to this user group. The registration link can be revoked/removed by clicking on Remove followed by Save.  To change the registration link, click Remove, Create, and then Save.
  • Applications: The applications that are provisioned to any users that belong to the user group. Features are indented and include information text describing each feature.