Vertical Cloud Connect (VCC) is an essential component of the Vertical One Framework for cloud-based communications and productivity solutions.

vAppCenter is Vertical's cloud-hosted solution powered by Vertical Cloud Connect.  vAppCenter is hosted on industry-leading cloud data centers for high reliability, high scalability, and high security. VCC allows businesses to future-proof their existing communications infrastructure by layering cloud-based versions of Vertical’s industry-proven applications, productivity tools and APIs with business-specific third-party solutions.

The Vertical vAppCenter uses VCC to support many businesses and customers, but each customer has its own domain (or address space) that supports its own user population. End users can access a rich set or features without need for VPN access or installations, simply by connecting to their own domain on the Vertical vAppCenter. For example, employees for Acme Company may access their company-assigned domain of using only their browsers.

Vertical Cloud Connect provides:

  • Secure, ubiquitous access to business communications resources and applications from outside the corporate firewall
  • Flexible support for cloud or hybrid deployments to extend existing infrastructure lifecycle
  • Rapid development and deployment of new applications via the cloud
  • Simplified communications system management
  • Customizable capabilities for specific workflows and industries, such as retail, automotive, hospitality and health care