Deploying VCC and VPW

Vertical recommends that you deploy ViewPoint Web in 2 phases:

Phase 1 (Audio provided via users' desk phones or other lines)

  1. Upgrade your system to Wave 6.0
  2. Order VPW licenses and then add them to your Wave license bank. VPW licenses are entitlements to the Wave Single User license which gives you access to all of your unified communication apps (including ViewPoint Mobile, ViewPoint Desktop and more)
  3. Enable ViewPoint Web for each user in Wave's Global Administrator
  4. Start using VPW in Deskphone mode with your users

Phase 2 (Audio/video provided via users' browsers)

  1. Allocate a Vmware ESXi 5.5.0 virtual machine server with adequate resources available  (2 cores, 1GB RAM, 3GB disk, one NIC, VMXNET 3)
  2. Install an VCCG Vmware OVA  instance on the ESXi server
    • Obtain a Static internal IP address for VCCG
    • External IP with UDP ports 20000-21000 forwarded to the VCCG IP address above
  3. Pair your VCCG Server with VCC
  4. Assign the VCCG Server to the Wave Server instance in VCC Admin Console
  5. For each user, in Wave, add ViewPoint Web softphone
  6. Each user can select "Browser (Secondary Softphone)" as their Audio Device in VPW
  7. Each user can choose the Audio and Video Settings of their choice